Welcome to


Little Footprints

Day Care

We provide a safe, warm and nurturing environment for children 6 weeks to 12 years old.

5 days a week, 7.30am-6.30pm. Full time and part time available

Daily educational and arts and crafts activities to promote motor and social skills and an understanding of the world around us in a family setting. Large back yard for outdoor play and a large variety of toys, games, books and art materials. Healthy and balanced breakfast, lunch, snacks and supper included in monthly pricing.

Come visit our facility and meet our highly experienced staff, licenced from New York State! We are fluent Engish and Greek language speakers.

We look forward to meeting you and to offer a 10% discount on the first month of tuition!

About Us

Here at Little Footprints, we know that entrusting your children to anyone is a very difficult decision. That is why we would like you to visit our facility and meet us, so you can see that we gladly look after all children like we do our own.

We provide a warm, safe, fun and educational environment for infants aged 6 weeks or older, toddlers and after school program children, Monday – Friday, full or part time.

With more than a 15 years of caregiving experience, we can provide the kind of care that helps children develop a solid physical, emotional and educational foundation on which to develop their personalities and their talents as they grow.

Our Aims:

    • be a family and a home from home for all our children to feel comfortable and safe
    • always have the children's welfare and development as our priority
    • support each child's sense of self-worth, independence and confidence
    • provide world knowledge and understanding so as to cultivate a sense of caring and responsibility for the world around us
    • help children develop the sense of belonging in a community and the social skills necessary to thrive in one
    • develop an awareness of the multicultural nature of our society and respect for all cultures and religions
    • ensure a smooth transition to kindergarten


Little Footprints provides a safe, loving, nurturing and bright environment for infants to grow and explore the world around them.

We allow the infants in our care to follow their own schedule (naps, feeding), according to their individual needs.

We offer an abundance of stimuli and opportunities for socialization and new discoveries. Our program is designed to help infants grow into confident, problem solving individuals.

Our toddler program focuses on cognitive and social growth. Toddlers participate in hands-on activities in groups or individually, gain world knowledge, explore their creative nature, and build scientific and social foundations in a theme organized curriculum.

The Pre-Kindergarten program explores literacy, writing skills, math and science in more depth. It also assists children into making their own decisions in a classroom environment, understanding the importance of rules and being responsible for their things and homework.